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The Call

Written by Patricia Cornelius
Directed by David Mealor
Production Managed by Hjalmar Svenna
Stage Managed by Stephen Moylan
Designed by Kathryn Sproul
Lighting Design and Sound Design by Ben Flett
Performed by Nic English, Renee Gentle, Guy O’Grady and Tim Overton

Bakehouse Theatre, Adelaide
October 2012

Nominated for an Adelaide Theatre Guide "Curtain Call Award" for Best (Professional) Ensemble

Tim Overton and Guy O’Grady both nominated for an “Adelaide Critic Circle Award” for Emerging Artist of the Year

"Named in Murray Bramwell’s Top 5 Theatre Shows of 2012”

“Junglebean demonstrates how excellent theatre can be made with a good script at the core; an insightful director; an experienced set and costumes designer; a creative lighting and sound designer; four talented actors; and the right space to mount this engaging 95 minute theatrical gem...a bare bones show than never lags and has a sensuous and compelling beauty to it - a treat for the senses.” - Martin Christmas

“Mealor’s cast are a magnificent ensemble of actors managing multiple roles with consummate highly crafted ease, burning bright with passion and conviction.” - David O’Brien, Db Magazine

"...the action is engaging, David Mealor’s direction is superb and the cast takes us from heart-breakingly beautiful vignettes to moments of complete despair." - Tim Drahos, Fringe Benefits

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Boxing Day Test

Written by Michael Hill
Directed by Duncan Graham
Production Managed by Neil Jensen and Alex Plisko
Stage Managed by Stephen Moylan
Designed by Tammy Boden
Lighting Design by Ben Flett
Sound Design by Andrew Howard
Performed by Nic English, Patrick Frost, Renee Gentle and Tim Overton

Bakehouse Theatre, Adelaide
November - December 2011

Winner of an Adelaide Theatre Guide "Curtain Call Award" for Best (Professional) Ensemble

"Named number 1 of the Top 10 Theatre Shows of 2010" by David O'Brien- dB Magazine

"What an extraordinary night of theatre I had last ticks all the boxes; script, direction, performance and production....I predict it will be a great success....I only wish I was reviewing so I could tell the world!" - David Grybowski - erstwhile Db reviewer

"A run-a-minute production from one of Adelaide's most promising theatre companies....Hill has created characters we can identify with and a conflict that needs to be resolved....Tammy Boden's deft design, Ben Flett's adaptable lighting.....complete a talented team effort....this is a quintessentially Australian play that passes the test" Matt Byrne - Sunday Mail - ****1/2

"Boxing Day Test is a crafted portrait of four human and flawed characters....a strong, new Australian work, from a young Australian company which deserves to be seen....."
Jane Howard - Australian Stage On-Line

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Written by Jim Cartwright
Directed by Michael Hill
Designed by Cassandra Backler
Stage Managed by Jess Nash and Stephen Moylan
Performed by Renee Gentle and Tim Overton

Directors Hotel, Adelaide
October - November 2009
June - July 2010

"So successful was Junglebeans' production of Two, by English dramatist Jim Cartwright, that a return season has seen full houses" Peter Burdon - Adelaide Now

"It's not often (alas) that you go to see a theatre production set and acted in a bar where you get served by the actors on earns authenticity kudos immediately....Two is a remarkably versatile, yet linear, work - easy on the eye, ear and more importantly, palate." Teri Louise Kelly - The Independent Weekly

"Renee Gentle and Tim Overton....change clothes and personas time and again without missing a beat, presenting a succession of believable characters....Hill has done a fine job of creating a well-paced and engaging production, climaxing with a very moving final scene....Set designer, Cassandra Backler, has been responsible for making the space workable....Evan Bassani composed the original incidental music....and stage manager, Jess Nash, kept everything flowing smoothly....This is an engaging evening of theatre with polished performances by two excellent actors."

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Written by Neil LaBute
Directed by Dee Easton, Tina Mitchell, Phillip Parslow and Graham Self
Designed by Cassandra Backler
Stage Managed by Jess Nash
Performances by Cheryl Bradley, John Doherty, Nic English, Renee Gentle, Martin Hissey, Rachael Kirkham, Tamara Lee and Tim Overton

Garage Bar, Adelaide
March 2009

"Named number 3 of the Top 10 Theatre Shows of 2009" by David O'Brien- dB Magazine

"Labute fills the air with inane-sounding chatter that gradually reveals an unexpected and dark twist. It is good material for the eight local actors, and they do a fabulous job." Tim Lloyd - The Advertiser - ****

"Four directors and eight actors take on six one act pieces from Neil Labute's 'Autobahn' and spin the most gripping drama and comedy from the material....Each director manages to find the point of attack LaBute instils in each and bring it to vibrant life....Gentle holds the stage and the audience....Hissey's unforced innocence and Doherty's calmly managed dominance is chilling...Phillip Parslow elicits the right balance of mirth and menace in 'Bench Seat'." David O'Brien - dB Magazine