As an independent company, the success of Junglebean's previous productions has been made possible by the generosity of small businesses, private sponsors and our theatre audiences. Junglebean is committed to creating professional, engaging theatre that entertains and challenges our audiences, and to achieve this we need your help. We are seeking the support of new and old sponsors willing to donate towards Junglebean's future. Your support will ensure our productions reach their full potential, and are of the highest possible standard.

Below are a few of our Sponsorship options:

Individual Support

For an annual donation of $100 become a member of Junglebean. You will receive one complimentary ticket to a special sponsor's performance held during our future productions. Enjoy premium South Australian wines and beer with delicious nibbles before the show, cheese platter at interval and port and chocolates, with the cast, after the performance. Junglebean will also email you updates of progress, you will see them in rehearsal and share in the inevitable upheavals of production - you will be a part of this event as well as a financial benefactor.

Corporate Sponsorship

It is our aim that our corporate sponsorship packages our tailored to the needs of each individual business. Junglebean believe that developing a relationship with the arts works for companies who want to link themselves in people's minds with the same qualities generally projected on the arts, like creativity, innovation and community participation. Sponsoring the arts in other words, is sponsoring a very different product, which is valued by and reaches different demographics.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Junglebean, or if you wish to discuss the potential of your business forming a relationship with the arts please email us at info@junglebean.com.au.